8 Habits of Mentally Weak People

Written by Mahi March 30, 2023

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Dwelling on the past: Mentally weak people often dwell on the past and have a hard time letting go of past events or mistakes.


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Negative self-talk: Mentally weak people tend to engage in negative self-talk, constantly putting themselves down and doubting their abilities.


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Lack of accountability: Mentally weak people tend to blame others for their problems or shortcomings, rather than taking responsibility for their actions.


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Fear of failure: Mentally weak people often have a fear of failure that prevents them from taking risks or pursuing their goals.


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Giving up easily: Mentally weak people have a tendency to give up easily when faced with challenges or obstacles, rather than persevering and pushing through.


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Lack of boundaries: Mentally weak people have a hard time setting boundaries and saying no, often getting taken advantage of or overwhelmed by others.


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Seeking constant validation: Mentally weak people often seek constant validation and approval from others, rather than having confidence in themselves and their own abilities.


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Resistance to change: Mentally weak people often resist change and are stuck in their ways, afraid to step outside of their comfort zone and try new things.


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