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Cry over Netflix show: Was Queen Cleopatra Black?

BY Mahi

Netflix's docudrama on the life of Cleopatra, ancient Egypt's most famous queen, has stirred controversy because of its casting choices — mainly the portrayal of Cleopatra by a black woman.

Egyptians are particularly outraged, complaining about cultural appropriation and the rewriting of their history. 

Egypt's Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities also released a lengthy statement saying that "Queen Cleopatra had light skin and Hellenistic (Greek) features," 

and that Adele James had "African features and dark skin" according to the ministry. criticized Netflix for casting

The three-part docudrama, produced by Jada Pinkett Smith and starring British actor Adele James of Fraternity as Queen Cleopatra, was released earlier today (May 10). 

Significantly, this is not the first time that there has been a controversy regarding the color of Cleopatra's skin.

Cleopatra VII was the last emperor of the Ptolemaic dynasty, a family of Macedonian-Greek origin, 

who ruled Egypt from the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC until the country's conquest and occupation by Octavian (later Emperor Augustus) in 30 BC Was.

During her 21-year reign (51–30 BC), Cleopatra is remembered for maintaining Egypt's autonomy through astute diplomacy and personal charisma amid the ever-growing Roman Empire. 

His death by suicide thus marked the end of Egyptian civilization as a vibrant living culture.

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