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Justin Bieber cancels remaining Justice World Tour dates

BY Mahi

Fans of Justin Bieber have been left disappointed as the remainder of his Justice World Tour dates have been reportedly canceled. 

Various fan sites have reported the news and Bieber's website does not list any future dates.

Ticket company Ticketmaster has also confirmed that all concerts in multiple countries including the US, Ireland, France, Poland, Australia, Denmark, the Czech Republic, and Thailand have been canceled. 

Event organizer Live Nation Tero has also confirmed the cancellation of Bieber's show in Bangkok.

Neither the artist nor his representatives have made any comments or provided any reasons for the cancellations. 

Fans who were originally scheduled to see Bieber perform in London in February received an email from events company AXS on Tuesday, informing them of the cancellations.

It is unfortunate news for fans who were eagerly anticipating the tour, but it is important to prioritize the health and safety of everyone involved. 

Hopefully, Bieber and his team will provide some clarity and answers for the disappointed fans soon.

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