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Seth Rollins Took Down to Miz with 3 Massive Stomps

BY Mahi

In WWE Raw, Seth Rollins stunted for former champions by hitting 3 consecutive stamps during the match, referee took a big decision

The WWE Raw had a tremendous singles match between Saith Rollins and The Miz.

The dangerous form of Rawlins was seen here. Rawlins hit Miz for three consecutive stamps and worsened his condition.

The referee then stopped the match and declared Saith as the winner.

Last week, Sath Rawlins came to Sath Rawlins as a guest on The Miz TV. During this time there was a lot of debate. Miz had asked Sath some strict questions.

Questions were also asked about Logan Paul. Rawlins was also angry. Austin Theory also came in his segment.

  Rawlins put a great stamp to Miz but Theory also dashed Saith by giving ATL.

The match between Rawlins and Miz was good this week. Both used some good moves.

However, Saith's hand was heavy in the entire match. Saith was very angry at the end of the match. He had worsened the condition of Miz. In the end, he also won.

Rawlins also pulled out the anger of defeat in Elimination Chamber a few days ago. Austin Theory defended his US Championship against five other superstars in the chamber match.

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