Top 10 Ways to Make Money From TikTok

Written by Mahi Feb 22, 2023

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Creator Fund: TikTok pays eligible creators based on the views and engagement their videos receive. You need to have at least 100K followers, 100K video views in the past 30 days, and be at least 18 years old to join the program.


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Brand partnerships: Influencers on TikTok can partner with brands to create sponsored content in exchange for a fee. This can range from promoting products in videos to hosting sponsored challenges.


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Affiliate marketing: You can earn a commission by promoting a brand's products in your TikTok videos and including an affiliate link in the video description.


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Live streaming: TikTok Live allows you to receive gifts from viewers during your stream, which can be converted into cash.


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Merchandise sales: You can use TikTok to promote your own merchandise or merchandise from other creators in exchange for a commission.


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Crowdfunding: You can use TikTok to promote a crowdfunding campaign, such as a Kickstarter or GoFundMe campaign.


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Consulting: If you're an expert in a particular area, you can use TikTok to build your personal brand and offer consulting services.


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Selling shoutouts: If you have a large following, you can charge other TikTok users for shoutouts in your videos.


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Teaching: You can use TikTok to teach people a particular skill, such as cooking or dancing, and charge for more in-depth lessons.


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Selling your account: If you have a large following, you can sell your TikTok account to other users or brands. However, be aware that this is against TikTok's terms of service and could result in the account being banned.


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